Spotted By BrainStarter partnership with Carlson Investment

We’re excited to share that Spotted By BrainStarter is joining forces with @Carlson Investment!

Carlson Investment, known for its expertise in capital investments and business development strategies, will bring invaluable insights to our global potential projects. This collaboration includes assessing projects submitted to our program, ensuring they’re primed for success.

What’s in store? Carlson Investment will conduct workshops for our finalists, sharing their extensive investment experience. They’ll guide projects through the crucial stages before securing investment decisions and explain how to effectively collaborate with capital investors.

These workshops will also provide insights into Carlson Investment’s fund, especially in the context of our finalists’ activities. This knowledge will equip our participants with an understanding of the potential support Carlson Investment could offer in the future.

Together, we’re committed to creating a more informed, strategically sound environment for our community.

Stay tuned as we elevate our projects with this powerful partnership!