Xihong Deng
Member of the Supervisory Board

With over 30 years of management experience including 10 years in Wall Street investment banks such as Citibank and JP Morgan and 20 years in Chinese private equity investment, she stands as an exceptionally experienced professional in the global financial landscape. She was the co-founding partner and managing director of Hony Capital, a premier private equity firm in China with an AUM of $13 billion investing in 100+ companies across consumer, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, and basic industrial sectors. She was responsible for raising over 10 billions from global institutional investors for Hony Capital; she cultivated extensive networks in both China and international capital markets. Her leadership extended to the boards of notable companies listed on stock exchanges in the USA, Hong Kong, and China.

Beyond finance world, she is a world-class art collector and actively engages in charitable activities related to education, environment, healthcare and art.

She received her Master’s degree from the State University of New York and her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from Tsinghua University in China.