CARLSON INVESTMENTS SE and HPI AG Explore Strategic Share Exchange Through Letter of Intent

Warsaw, 24. August 2023

CARLSON INVESTMENTS SE and HPI AG Explore Strategic Share Exchange Through Letter of Intent

Warsaw 24. August 2023 – CARLSON INVESTMENTS SE, a globally-listed venture capital firm, and HPI AG, a Munich-based entity, have jointly announced the signing of a Letter of Intent (LoI). This preliminary agreement outlines the potential terms under which CARLSON INVESTMENTS SE may dispose of its entire stake in PAYMIQ FINANCIAL GROUP LTD, with a proposed compensation in the form of newly issued shares from HPI AG.

The LoI signifies the commencement of a detailed evaluation process, including due diligence by HPI on Paymiq. The successful culmination of this process is contingent upon various conditions, including satisfactory due diligence outcomes and necessary corporate approvals.

Aleksander Gruszczyński, Chairman of the Management Board stated: “The signing of this Letter of Intent with HPI AG marks a significant step in our strategic deliberations. We are cautiously optimistic about the potential synergies and value this collaboration might bring to both entities.”

For a comprehensive view of the report and detailed financial data, visit Carlson Investments IR website.



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Aleksander Gruszczyński, President of the Management Board



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