Anja M. Deppe
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board

In her first career in Finance Anja held pivotal roles on the Equity derivatives sales desks at Credit Suisse First Boston in London, as well as at BHF Bank and Commerzbank in Germany.

Anja’s started her second career in Academia with a Bachelor in (Marine) Biology and a multidisciplinary Master and Ph.D in Biological Sciences. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

For the past two decades, she has been Professor and Researcher at top tier Universities including Australian National University in Canberra (Australia), University of Bristol, University of Birmingham (both UK) and Stony Brook University in NY (USA).

She has extensive Field Research experience in a wide range of ecosystems spanning from the Gulf of Mexico, the Kenyan desert to the rain forest of Madagascar.

Her multifaceted background underscores her depth of knowledge and versatility across disciplines and has provided her with a unique perspective.